Poster Presentation

Poster Presentation provides an opportunity for effective one-to-one communication. To make a successful poster presentation, please be sure to review the following instructions:


Presentation Preparation

• Maximum poster size is 59.4 CM wide by 84.1 CM high (A1 size).

• The abstract of the poster presentation should be submitted via email. Please mark "Poster presentation" when completing the registration form in the submission system. 

• To ensure the visual effectiveness of your poster, use large lettering and a minimum of text. Meticulous checking is required in all posters for typographic and grammatical mistakes and image quality, which should be large enough so that they are visible from 1 meter apart. 

• Posters presenters should appear one hour before the poster session gets started and hang the poster accordingly.

• Posters presenters should stay by your poster paper to explain and discuss your paper with visiting delegates during your poster session.

• All presenters are responsible for removing their posters when the poster presentation finishes. The secretariat takes no responsibility for posters after that.

Best Poster Presentation Selection

Best Poster Presentation will be selected; please ensure your Paper ID (ICIST****) is shown correctly on the header of your poster.

This award consists of free registration to the next ICIST Conference and a certificate signed by Conference Chair. Results will be demonstrated on ICIST's official website.

The best poster presentation will be selected based on the research quality, presentation and design.


Selection Procedure

The conference chair will invite 10-20 volunteers from speakers, professors, and experienced researchers to serve as the judges to review the posters (A judge would not have a poster or know the participant exhibiting a poster).

2 red stickers and 2 green stickers will be provided to the judges. The red sticker stands for "Research Quality" with a value of 2 points; the green sticker stands for "Presentation Skill and Design" with a value of 1 point.

Each judge will go around the poster session and give the stickers to the poster that he/she thinks is of high quality, well-designed and well-presented; the judge cannot give 2 red or 2 green stickers to the same poster (one red and one green sticker are acceptable).

After the poster session, the Chair will count the points from each poster and select one best poster presentation with more points. If there is a tie, the one with more red (Research Quality) stickers wins; if there is still a tie, the Chair will make the final decision.