Become a Reviewer

A rigorous, unprejudiced, and efficient review process is the cornerstone of a reputable conference. Each paper submitted to the conference will be evaluated by at least two experts. Detailed and constructive comments from reviewers often help authors remedy flaws in their work and improve paper quality. The final decision on whether a manuscript can be accepted, re-reviewed, or rejected is made by the editor basically on the recommendation of reviewers. We are sincerely grateful to the reviewers who devoted their time to the paper review and other support as requested by the Organizing Committee.

Criteria for Reviewers

PhD holder
Ability to review  
Sound publication record

Benefits for volunteer reviewers

Peer reviewers take the honourable mission of a guide and a gatekeeper for those who are striving for quality research. When performing peer review, reviewers:

Enjoy a 20% discount on your conference registration fee.
Gain some experience in Information Technology.
Receive a personalized reviewer certificate.
Free to group tour Bangkok after the conference .
Be acknowledged both on the conference website and in front of matters of the conference proceedings.
Be a potential candidate for the Technical Program Committee for the next conference.

If you meet the requirements and are interested in helping to review the submission, kindly send your latest CV to  for evaluation and selection.