Guideline for Speaker

An exceptional speaker adds immense value to the academic community and conferences. Their presentations not only attract attendees and enhance conference content but also stimulate audience thinking and inspire innovation. Consequently, the careful selection and invitation of suitable speakers are crucial to ensuring a successful conference. Significant benefits brought of a good speaker, emphasizing the following key aspects:

1. Attracting Attendees: An eminent speaker has the capacity to draw more participants. Their reputation and expertise often pique people's interest, encouraging greater attendance. This not only enhances the conference's visibility but also fosters diversity among attendees, promoting more extensive networking and collaboration.

2. Reinforcing Conference Themes: An accomplished speaker can reinforce the conference's content by delving deep into its themes. They provide unique insights and perspectives, aiding participants in better understanding and exploring the issues the conference focuses on. This ensures the conference's content is consistent, profound, and targeted.

3. Inspiring the Audience: Outstanding speakers can inspire the audience's thinking and creativity. Their speeches can stimulate new ideas, challenge conventional viewpoints, and motivate participants to pursue excellence in their respective fields. This inspirational effect is invaluable for the academic community and conference attendees.

4. Providing Fresh Insights and Perspectives: Proficient speakers typically bring fresh insights and viewpoints to the table. They may share the latest research findings, industry trends, or their own unique experiences. Such information is invaluable for attendees, helping them remain competitive in their fields.

5. Building Connections: Speakers often possess extensive social networks and industry contacts. Through interaction with them, attendees have the opportunity to establish new relationships, seek potential collaborators, or gain mentorship. These connections may continue to develop after the conference, offering long-term benefits to individuals and academic institutions.


Become a Speaker Speaker Proposal Form

Thank you for your interested in joining ICIST 2024 as a speaker, please complete the Speaker Proposal Form and submit it to


Criteria for Speaker Selection

We will consider the following aspects when selecting speakers.

• The speaker should have specialized knowledge, experience, and skills in Information Systems and Technology

• The speaker's background and proposed speech should closely align with the focus of ICIST.

• The speaker can captivate and motivate the audience and deliver a clear, concise message related to the subject area.

• The speaker is available to participate in the conference, and will to prepare a high-quality presentation.


Keynote Speaker: We welcome high-profile keynote speakers to deliver their speeches at the beginning of the conference. Keynote speakers will inspire the audience by sharing insights, weaving the main message, and setting out the conference's central themes.


Preparing Your Speech

- The slide Template is for your reference: Keynote Speech

- The allotted time for Keynote Speech is 45 mins, including a 5 mins Q&A session. We request that speakers not exceed the allotted time to adhere to the Conference Program.

- The organizing committee will provide a laptop, video projector, and laser pointer with remote control. If you have any specific requests, please get in touch with the conference secretary.

- The content of your presentation slides should be clear and concise. Use clear and well-spaced text that can be easily readable from a distance.

- Please be aware that the video and content of your presentation will be recorded and available on ICIST's website.


Tips for Participation

Check-in at the registration desk upon arrival.

Bring your PPT presentation on a USB flash driver/travel drive to the conference.

Rehearse your presentation in advance.

Keep presentations non-commercial



If speakers cannot attend the conference for any reason, please notify the conference secretary immediately. We request speakers provide a valid email and keep in contact with the organizing committee. We will exclude a speaker from the speaker list if we don't receive a response after three follow-up emails.